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Chardonnay Scrunchie

It's a beautiful day, for a glass of Chardonnay.

The Vineyard Collection is the perfect addition to those end of summer wine tours. Made from a lace fabric, "Chardonnay" is a deep cream colour, and adds a subtle look to your top knot.

Make sure to take care of your new lace scrunchie! The same way you would take care of that elegant lace gown you can imagine yourself wearing to the perfect evening event.



Our small scrunchie is most like that original scrunchie size you're used to - with the fabric being about 2 inches wide.

Our large scrunchie is a wider and longer piece of fabric - about 3 inches wide - giving it a fuller, fluffier look in your hair - perfect for longer or thicker hair. 

Contact us if you have any size questions.

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