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About Bungalow Blue

Bungalow Blue Collection started as simply a pure love of fashion and fabrics, but quickly grew into the goal to make unique versions of hair accessories that have been staples in girl's closets for years. 

My career has always been one that was driven by creativity and imagination. I started my professional career in the world of Public Relations and then was given the opportunity to open my own competitive dance studio, which has always been my true love and the main source of my creative spirit. After officially closing the studio in 2019, I needed to find a way to still have an inventive outlet while being able to raise my two boys - that's when Bungalow Blue Collection began.

I often get asked how I came up with the name, Bungalow Blue Collection. We just happen to live in the cutest little blue bungalow and all of my products are made here, with love. I've molded the brand to reflect my love for the coast - my love for the colours, the sounds, the vibrancy - it's not just a place, but a lifestyle. 

Proudly made in Canada, Bungalow Blue Collection is the curator of premium hair accessories that will invigorate every girl's style. All fabrics and designs are carefully chosen to bring you the best, because girl, you deserve only the best. 


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