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Our Scrunchies

We uniquely make our scrunchies in two sizes, small and large. Whether you want the more subtle look, or some extra juice, we know they will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe.

The elastic size inside is the same for both scrunchies, made for adult hair, and giving your top knot the perfect hold. 

Our small scrunchie is most like that original scrunchie size you're used to - with the fabric being about 2 inches wide. Our large scrunchie is a wider and longer piece of fabric - about 3 inches wide - giving it a fuller, fluffier look in your hair - perfect for longer or thicker hair. The larger size was created to give the option to be more bold and add some extra flare, even if you're just lounging on a Sunday morning.

Our carefully picked fabrics, and perfect hold, are what makes our scrunchies so popular and ones we know you'll love!


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